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&hlHey friends,

How are you all doing? We are beyond stoked in the MK Camp because first of all our really good friends from PMT will have the chance to play once again with Marilyn Manson in Geneva but Laurent will be on Couleur3 Rockspotting on Friday May 22nd from 8pm to 10pm.

Then, we'll be spending the next coming weeks prepping our brand new rehearsal Space/King-Dome Land Studio... But I'm getting ahead of myself... As well as recording (yes again) some new Movie scores and all our songs in a brand new format... Hiiii Haaaa !!!

Check out our new Websode about Japan, thanks to PO Bachmann who's making sure we look likes dorks...

And if you don't have it already, our new CD is available on the shop as well as our Limited Tour Shirt... Thanks for your support.

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