Inner Circuit

In a world where no one cares about each other
I'm sick and tired of being left out in the dirt
Best fake fucking friend if you ask me
Being taken advantage of, being ripped off...
They used up all my strength
Inner circle, Inner circuit

Of all the ones I can think of
Connect two and two together
We need to join, regroup and form a unit
A way to use our knowledge and common values
Doesn't matter, as long as we keep it real
I remember seeing you falling,
Sixteen, skin soiled,
Sentenced to burn on a light bulb,
Wings in ribbons

Daddy's wet eyes on an empty corner,
Nobody turned off the light

How to come to an end when nothing has begun
Show me the way, i'm breaking down
Endless hero, priceless sorrow
From the top to the bottom
From the drip to the ocean
I've never seen sparks in your eyes

Cause everything you did was wrong,
Cause everything you touched is falling apart,
You're the one who had broken bones,
You're the one with a missing half
I should have seen this

Endless hero, priceless sorrow

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