illustration Created in 1997 by the Atlantic Ocean, MotherKingdom spent the ten following years playing all over the world to prove with their live shows that they are able to deliver efficient performances. Be it with an electric or an acoustic set, MK gives it all.


- Opening for Deep Purple in a full house at Geneva Arena (10’000 people)
- Japan Tour for the release of “Silent Treatment”
- MTV Network (MTV CH/MTV DE/VIVA1/VIVA2) is regularly airing the band’s videos
- European Tour with Orchesta del Desierto (Kyuss, QOTSA, Hermano)
- French Tour for the release of “Sleeping Subway”
- O’Neill choosing Almost There as theme for 2009 promo movie


Jose Fernandez : Vocals
Eric Ferrari : Bass/Vocals
Laurent Clavel : Guitar/Vocals
Philippe Gudemann : Drum/Vocals

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